Web design

Corporate website

If you need to present your company in the Internet and tell to your potential customers who are you and in which areas you would be helpful for them, so this is the solution for you. Building of a corporate website is a part of the corporate identity of each company.

Web presentation

If you wish to highlights the advantages of a product or service offered by your company and your aim is reaching a largest number of internet users, so the choice of web presentation focusing on the brand is the right decision.

Interactive website

You are a company with imaginative thinking and unconventional ideas, wishing to excel in an interactive web presence through a website filled with animation, audio, video, games, etc. The solution is creating an interactive website that best fit your vision.

Online catalogue

The proportions of users who prefer online instead the offline catalog grow significantly over the last decade. The main advantages that you can take through the selection of the product catalog are a speed and convenience, as well as saving significant costs for printing and distribution.


If you need to expand your business, emphasizing direct sales on the Internet, the choice of "e-shop" project is the best solution for you. This is the way to reach more customers with less money and efforts and reduce costs for marketing and distribution, offering your customers continuously a wide range of products.

In terms of functionality, web pages can be:

  • Static - pages with content that can not be changed automatically, but only by the programmer.
  • Dynamic - pages with content that can be changed from the administration of the project by authorized employees of your company who don’t need to possess special skills in the areas of design and programming.

Preparation of your Internet project will go through the following steps:

  • Preparation of assignments (functional, technical, marketing, etc.)
  • Development of graphic design and approval
  • Develop functionality of the project
  • Completion of the content (provided by customer), testing and launching the official address

iConcept's team is ready to listen to you and answer your questions. Specialists working on your projects are able to offer you adequate solutions to meet your business objectives at any time.

Share your ideas with us to turn them into reality.

The specialists of iConcept Ltd. continuously improve their knowledge and skills to keep pace with the latest technologies used in the Internet. Thanks to the established standards for work, we guarantee to our customers a trouble-free operation of their Internet projects.

The experience shows that often completion of a project does not mean a fully suspending work on it. Very often is necessary to add new modules and functionalities, resulting in the emergence of new needs for our clients' businesses. In this connection, you can refer back to us at any time after project completion.

iConcept Ltd. provides warranty service within а month* after the adoption of the project, in case of design errors attributable to the developer. After the warranty period iConcept Ltd. prepare a separate proposal for maintenance depending on specific customer needs.

* Free warranty is valid in case where the client's project is maintained at server of iConcept Ltd. and / or unscrupulous persons haven't an access to files and the code of the project.